Thilanka Munasinghe 11/30/2016
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Joi, why not saying:
“Deploy or Disappear”
If you don’t deploy, your idea/product will slowly disappear from people’s interest. Time will make your idea disappear from people’s mind unless if it get deployed…
Larry & Sergey deployed their search engine to people and investors, otherwise it if was just an idea or demo, there is a chance of getting it disappeared.
Eddison deployed.
Adi Dassler delpoyed “Addidas”, otherwise it would have been disappeared during the world war 2 time and no revolutionized sports footware.
Steve Jobs & Wozniak deployed.
MIT professor Amar Gopal “Bose” deployed, otherwise noise canceling headphones concept/idea must have disappeared.
and many more…
I like your “Deploy” itself, but wanted to share my point of view. ( I wanted to mention it here before I forget it and make it disappear in my mind)
like to hear what you think of “Deploy or Disappear”.
Thilanka Munasinghe