Yashaswi Kashyap 9/5/2016
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non violent protests like disobedience and non cooperation works well when the opposition’s principles on their decision to oppress is not stubborn enough. Which is why against opposition like Hitler, whose oppression is strongly founded in his principles, it would be hard for non violent methods to work . The British at the time they had the east india company set up, had several motives to colonise India, most of which had to do with “stealing” of resources so that the britishers get stronger in terms of resources and expand their empire. Non violent means no matter how strategic, takes its roots from principles, and heavily banks on the possibility of to effectively provoke, the conscience of the oppressor, and irrespective of whether the oppressor had a conscience or otherwise, their motivations for a rancid perspective on humanity may be too strong for their conscience to be reached.
That said, if the strategic non violent means are coupled with violent means and co-ordinated with each other in a way as to induce confusion in the mindset of the opponents, would work wonders.
" One of the confusions regarding nonviolence is that the term defines itself by what it is not. Gandhi called it “satyagraha” or “truth force.” It points to action not away from it. " This is something that we always overlook and one would be surprised how true this observation is. Non violence if anything is not restricted by definition to what it is not. Non violence is a very good strategy, and if one would take a closer look at the methods employed by “non violence” - keywords that come up being - disobedience, defiance, noncooperation, – these terms have ab “active” vibe to them than the passivity that everyone understand “non violence” to imply.
I think I’ve just echoed the following :
" Although nonviolent resistors eschew the threat or use of violence, the “peaceful” designation often given to nonviolent movements belies the often highly disruptive nature of organized nonviolent resistance
Non violence, the more it is presumed or accepted to be a “peaceful” way to counter oppression, loses its marketability when you present it to those worthy of recruiting(for this strategy) and anxious for action, as you’ve put up.