Yashaswi Kashyap 9/5/2016
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Some more of my thoughts on “non violence” as a means to counter –
I feel civil disobedience is a effective form of protest, when it is timed correctly.
Factors that favor the timing to begin non violent protests:
  1. the civil discontent has spread among most of the demographic.
  2. the acknowledgement by the oppressor, about the well rooted civil discontent is only recent, and not sufficient time has elapsed since they’ve started to feel like they need to react violently.
  3. The increase in the strength of participation in a Non violence/ civil disobedience movement has a exponential relationship with the time elapsed since it is waged, as also the effective use of infrastructure in the demographic . Sow the seeds early and evenly, they’ll germinate quickly.
Factors like literacy demographics also have a good influence.