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Third-party analytics

PubPub uses a third-party analytics service called Keen to store, aggregate and summarize information about user behavior on our platform. We do this to help our engineering team make product decisions and communities who use our service to measure the performance of their content. We do not share any personally identifiable information with communities on PubPub or any other third parties. We pay Keen rather than using a more popular platform like Google Analytics, which is free but allows Google to process your data and re-sell it across the web.

If you allow us to enable Keen while you browse, we'll send requests to their servers containing things like the URL of the current page, your browser version, and your IP address. If you're logged in, we'll also send your PubPub user ID, which is made of random letters and numbers. We'll never send Keen any identifying information such as your name, affiliation, or email address.