Joichi Ito's Research Statement

Research statement submitted to MIT for Joichi Ito's Professor of the Practice in Media Arts and Sciences promotion case in March 2016.
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Joichi Ito's Research Statement
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Director, MIT Media Lab
Senior Project Editor


My ultimate aim is to create a new platform and network for the 21st century: a new way of thinking and doing that will spread beyond the Media Lab, and beyond MIT.
Boris Kowalczuk: you may look up my project, i'm nominated by a friend for the MIT reward disobedience award 2018i'm following you and your collegues work since month…
Sean Maw: A thought provoking research statement, but have we not learned that it is folly to believe that we can "design" nature? Is it not better (in virtually every way) to design things and processes to ...
James Intriligator: Interesting piece with some very nice ideas. One issue I would like to raise is around the whole concept (brand?) of "Design Thinking". I have always contended that "design thinking is just GOOD th...
Dale Percival: Isn't part of the focus of design thinking to work in the white space between the black spots of specific disciplines? The end-users, in this case don't necessarily exist yet.