New Discussion on Oct 31

Professor Ito, I have long appreciated your willingness to recognize the excesses of the engineers who are driving so much of our culture today. It’s great, too, to read of the various initiatives to integrate values and humility into AI and other technologies. I do feel it’s important to recognize the difficulty of the task. By that I mean that the idea of placing humility over control, commendable and necessary as that is, in many respects goes against the nature of technology, which drives toward expansion and control. I devote a chapter to this in my book (“Not So Fast: Thinking Twice About Technology”) which also includes a final section entitled “Fearless Leaders” that cites Norbert Wiener’s critiques of engineering ambition and myopia as a consistent theme. See also my piece on Wiener for the Atlantic, “The Eccentric Genius Whose Time May Have Finally Come (Again).” Thank you again for addressing these vital issues.