New Discussion on Oct 31

Dear Joi,

I very enjoyed reading your working article! It contributes an unusual view on the progress in HCI. I see it as a good extension of the society/human-in-the-loop discourse. Your highlight on attitude and culture as the OS update behind progress is refreshing.

I would personally not agree to the idea of a self-destructive path that we are on, but I can understand when you argue, as you do. What I would recommend though, is to have a look into the past and see, how people centuries ago commented technological change. For instance, consider “Recent Economic Changes”, by David A. Wells, published in 1889. There are many (linear) interpolations of economic change that were false in retrospect and yet, you will find similar sentiments in contemporary literature. We all are very curious what new type of jobs the technological advancements will create. Probably, a few of them they will be where you see the weakness of our current progress: Human experience, dealing with the unknown and complex, systems design.

Two short comments we made inline. Congratulations to Travis for creating such a really nice tool!