More MIT and Global Thinking on Flourishing as a Goal

Hi everyone,

I am part of a small but growing movement that takes the idea of enabling the possibility for flourishing as a potential anchor purpose or "why" for humanity.

Almost 20 years ago MIT prof John Ehrenfeld suggested that the only thing scientifically we can sustain and the only thing ethically we should strive to sustain is "the possibility for humans and other life to flourish on this planet for seven generations and beyond". I believe he and Prof Ito are saying very much the same thing.

For a good introduction to Prof. Ehrenfeld's thinking see his short Socratic dialog "Flourishing a frank conversation about sustainability". For recent nascent steps to start a global movement to build towards UN Flourishing Goals (to replace the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2030) please search Twitter #Movement4Flourishing

Hope this is interesting and helps people of a similar intent align and reinforce their actions.

Antony Upward

Flourishing Enterprise Designer & Adjunct Professor