Making sense of systems dynamics using pattern language
created a positive feedback system that has very little capacity for regulating through negative feedback. While th

This manifesto particularly resonates as I have been writing on and researching this topic for a while (in a PhD in Systems Sciences at Hull in the UK). We need to build tools and methods to reveal systemic behaviors and dynamics and in particular those that seek maximization for the parts (over application of ‘winning strategies’) rather than optimization for the whole (that enable flourishing). Once people can see or anticipate the effects of aggregation, and power laws at play, it becomes easier to collectively have a ‘pharmacological’ approach that takes into account the health of the system as a whole and the effects that our designs unleash -at least this is my wishful thinking!-. This is where AI can help: enhancing human intelligence, and in particular enhancing our ability to ‘read’ the weak signals and the patterns of the complex dynamics around us and the way we can be ‘stuck’ in structures that we cannot even grasp the effects of. So I am working on the idea of pattern literacy in support of systems literacy, with the pattern as unit of meaning-making enabling to discern, design and communicate on form, and as a connector and mediator to cross boundaries. There is a drastic need for tools that can help us navigate systems is open / transparent ways. Resources are currently dedicated to keep us stuck in the existing loops, and to observe us as we loose grasp… If there is a project associated to the manifesto, I would be glad to participate. I am currently based in Boston.