New Discussion on Nov 9
CURRENCYAs the sun beats down on Earth, photosynthesis converts water, carbon dioxide and the sun’s energy into oxygen and glucose. Photosynthesis is one of the many chemical and biological processes that transforms one form of matter and energy into another. These molecules then get metabolized by other biological and chemical processes into yet other molecules. Scientists often call these molecules “currencies” because they represent a form of power that is transferred between cells or processes to mutual benefit—“traded,” in effect. The biggest difference between these and financial currencies is that there is no “master currency” or “currency exchange.” Rather, each currency can only be used by certain processes, and the “market” of these currencies drives the dynamics that are “life.” As certa

Joi - what about the work of Howard T. Odum on ecosystems and his theory of a solar based energy currency the emjoule?

Granted, many of the links between emjoules and higher order complex systems are only sketched out in Odum’s writing, but it still offers a kind of ‘God' currency’. What do you think?


I think this is quite interesting. Thanks for the link!