Placemaking as an inherently dynamic community process

Starting in the seventies with a group of social/community researchers, writers, and some activists, we call the Golden Age of research on public life…people like Jane Jacobs, Margaret Mead, William Whyte, and others are the foundation for what we call Placemaking. Project for Public Spaces, which I started in 1975, is an outgrowth of that work. It is fast becoming an international movement, because it supports deeply the arguments you are making against technological singularity. Look at our blog on Sidewalk Labs

Placemaking creates complexity which drives constant, naturally organic change.

Our long term mantra is “We need to turn everything upside-down, to get it right side-up…to get from inadequate to extraordinary.

i like your work immensely, but it is a hard read for most people. The writers I mentioned and a few today are explaining it in similar ways with different language. We see a convergence around the idea of “place” which thrives on complexity.