Is “Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto” the right “Human use of human beings” audience?

This is the text of an image that I just tweeted with the above title:

After having read Steve J. Heims’ 1988 introduction to Norbert Wiener’s “Human Use Of Human Beings,“ I wonder if “Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto” is the proper audience for the “human - rather than the inhuman - use of human beings”?

•Like Wiener, who became “acquainted with current research on a broad range of topics outside of his specialty,” I have been very critical of the ‘Groupthink’ of the industrial civilization statu quo inhuman use of human beings.

•Unlike Wiener, who remained at MIT (that was and still seem to be heavily involved with the statu quo), I have refused to get a job with them since 2010. Such ‘Groupthink’ emerged as what I coined as the March of Folly of the #DarkGlobalization.

•As I interpreted Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave, my key effort was to go above politics (and culture, economics, religion), which recently emerged as “Politics is dead” for the Industrial Civilization, “Long live politics!” for what I coined as the #SystemicCivilization. Such an effort above politics,  can now be seen after reading Heims as the result of my personal humanistic philosophy.

•After trying many different audiences, without success in #SocialMedia’s person to person etiquette, under unavoidable peripheral excursions, I understand that the proper audience of leaders must come from what I coined as #SocialBusiness3DoC which has the emerging non technology User Experience #UX etiquette.